Sunday, November 13, 2011

First true confession

Well its Sunday and tonight was yet another episode of what should be my favorite show; yet i struggle getting to the point of being excited over The Walking Dead.

Hands down i absolutely love the graphic novels and the by extension the comics that they are derived from. with that said i almost downright hate the direction the show has taken in the second season. I do understand that they already said that they were going to deviate from the novels and comics. I do not understand the minds of the writers to focus on something as ridiculous as a lost character. Ok dramatic tension aside its a good character building point that the need to search for someone brings their humanity to the forefront.

I see it as a useless plot point to fill a void that should be filled with something from the novel or something that would drive the action and season in a better direction.

I know i will probably draw some flack from this comment, but Sophia in my opinion is a minor character whose arc could have been fulfilled in only two episodes,  maybe two and a half.  in the episode where Carl gets shot, Rick easily finds this Utopian Farm where it seems is untouched by roamers/walkers. why did the writers find it necessary to skip a simple solution that Sophia could also have found this ideal location while running from the dead. It would have been a simple solution and could have alleviated the need to drag out this pointless subplot (or in this case season wide plot point).  They could have turned their attention to more action, more character development of the characters we care about. Even the created fan favorites of Darryl and his brother Merle.

Instead we are forced to watch as a group of relatively smart individuals (they would have to be to survive right?) devise an idea so asinine that it risks one of their own to pull a zombie out of a well only to ruin potentially every water source on the farm. I mean come on, just before they see the drowned walker, we are specifically told there are five wells on the property; don't use the one with the zombie in it its not rocket science. Instead we are forced to a zombie moment where they could kill one in an especially gross way.

That my dear readers is something i can't tolerate. Stupidity and pointless behavior just for a payoff. i mean they have a blue print already, they could follow it and make a fantastic show, instead they add things just to stretch out a show.

They need to lose the current staff of writers and hire ones that can both remain faithful to the source material, but also add something to keep the fans that haven't read the books something to grab onto and love.

Give us more Shane going ape-shit and killing someone just because. Give us more Darryl being a bad-ass. Give us more book defining moments. Lets lose the oh no were missing someone that should have already found the farm, unless they are already a zombie, and even then by the law of averages they should have found it.

First Time Blogging

Well i have decided that its time i started a blog. Just about general topics that i know like how my mind works shall deviate through all genres and disciplines. Sometimes they will focus on the state of the architectural community in my area, or in general... most of the time ill touch upon things that i have watched, saw, or read. 

So i ask do not be ginger with me if you read or disagree with anything that i say or any topic that i post. This is the whole point of a blog, and i welcome the discussion to help me keep this new blog going.

Now onto the blog scene.